Tuesday, March 9, 2010

welcome to...tutorial tuesday!

i'm starting a new weekly thingy here on the blog: tutorial tuesday! (you know you love that alliteration.)

there are so many tutorials out there, and even blogs whose sole purpose is to share tutorials. how nice of them! and every tuesday i want to share one of my favorites. and i just can't share them on monday or wednesday, because it doesn't sound as good.

my first favorite tutorial is from mr.monkeysuit. i thought these felt strawberries were sooo adorable. and she has them displayed as a centerpiece, but wouldn't these be darling as christmas tree ornaments? or to attach them to a garland for a kid's party or something?

hooray for felt! i think it's my favorite material to use because you don't have to finish the ends, or hem something, you just snip and go.

stay tuned every tuesday for more cute tutorials!

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