Thursday, March 25, 2010

so i got really excited about doing some cross stitching again, and bought this pattern from the all stitches shop on etsy!i've seen this print everywhere on design blogs and such and thought it would be such fitting wall decor for a household. i am so excited to stitch this baby! now all i gotta do is buy some cross stitch fabric and a large enough hoop. and i was thinking of using a different color floss than black...maybe teal or something. and i would love to put it in a vintage frame or something...i will definitely share pictures when i'm done.

(and if you aren't familiar with the background behind the print, check it out here.)

(p.s. i kinda wanna go back and purchase this pattern as well. i think it would look pretty cute in my baby girl's room. like maybe 3 in a row with different colors.)

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