Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i would love to do some cross stitching again.

i learned how in a needlecraft class i took in junior high and it's surprisingly simple. it's just a bunch of X's on a special needlepoint fabric that has a bunch of holes in it and you just carefully copy a pattern with embroidery thread.

if you look at the pattern above, each color stitch has a different symbol so that you don't get lost. the key is just to start on the outside, and work your way in, counting the squares in each row.

if you're looking to start, there's free patterns everywhere online (like the one i found above) and i would start with something small. i would love to make some christmas ornaments like the pair below for our tree this year:

there's all sorts of way to display them, too. the lady above made them into little pillows but you could simply frame it in the hoop you used to make it, like this cute little owl:
(as you can see, there's plenty of other stitches you can do besides X's...i'm in love with this owl!!)

or put it in a picture frame like this birdie:

here's a close-up so you can see all the tiny X's, i love the blend of colors sooo pretty!

the options are limitless!

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