Tuesday, March 2, 2010

trees as furniture.

the farmer's market season is coming up and i'm itchin' for a new way to display headbands. i would love to get some kind of white tree-looking thing with lots of little branches to hang things on.

something like this, but sturdier.

other decorative tree things in homes that i like:

i don't know about the bird houses for a kid's room...they look amazing but i'd be afraid they'd fall off and whack 'em in the face while they're asleep. but i'm for sure drooling over this painted tree.

i WILL do this on a wall of my future house. i love the different shades of wood. what a lovely thing to have near your front door.
i really think i'll just find a sturdy tree branch (i'm sure i could find one in the ginourmous mountains 10 minutes from our home...) and then just spray paint it white, and cement it into a tin bucket or something. it's practically free and easier than trying to construct a tree.


  1. I LOVE the last one...I hope you do that in your house, and I hope i can come see. I read Fallen last night (yes, the WHOLE thing last night). :) I'm so interested to see what's up with Luce, huh?? WHAT IS SHE? Agreed with the Hunger Games, I had a love/hate relationship, because I was totally, completely horrified the entire time (like I wanted to puke!)...which meant I couldn't stop thinking about it or reading it. I miss you, Mel! Penny is lovely, you're such a beautiful momma!!

  2. i love trees and branches as furniture TOO!! i've had my eye on this: