Friday, January 29, 2010

i've been itching to sew some dresses for my 16-month old...but i've never sewn any kind of clothing before. i've only sewn good ol' 90 degree corners for a quilt or a burp cloth or something.

these are pretty cute, i actually have that hippo fabric from ikea on the left. go here for the pattern.

this is pretty awesome, whatever kind of dress i make i'm definitely doing some kind of applique.
i think i might start with a pillowcase dress. i hear they're pretty easy. and they're sleeve-less...i'm scared of sewing sleeves.

this pillowcase dress is DARLING. love that tree. shouldn't be too hard, right? here's a tutorial i found that i think i might try.

wish me luck! if you're lucky i might share some pictures.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

crochet + animals

i know how to crochet a little...but daaanng - these guys are good.

a fox!

animals are our friends!

ugh, i'm gonna die these are so cute.

this really makes me want to incorporate yarn more into my hairclips + headbands. i can make a scarf, or a blanket which is really just a big scarf, but i would LOVE to make something small and dainty to put on a clip or something...

Monday, January 25, 2010

one of my favorite characters in a movie is cyd charisse's character in "singin' in the rain."

even though she doesn't talk and her part is very short, she is so intense and her costumes are so awesome. especially that green dress - insane.

i can't stand her sassiness. even though debbie reynold obviously had a bigger part, if i had to choose, i would play this girl over kathy seldon any day. that is, of course, if i knew how to dance and was 6 feet tall.

ah yes, the part right before the dream sequence within a dream sequence.
did any of this make sense to the rest of the movie? no. but was it awesome to watch? duh.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

please don't think i'm too rediculous...

i have yet another two more new snap clips for jellabee jr:

Birdie on a Branch

Cherry Blossoms

i know, super original names, huh.

i don't know what's wrong with me, but i love cranking out these little clips.

i think what's been a big help is that i've started to keep a notebook of little drawings as i think of ideas for new clips (at my husband's suggestion). that way i can forget about it, and then go back when i'm in clip-making mode and have it right there in front of me. if you have an etsy shop or just like to craft for yourself, i would definitely recommend this method of making little drawings of your ideas. it's SO useful and productive and instead of going crazy trying to remember that cute little clip you wanted to make, you've got a great visual to jog your memory. plus, you get a little journal of sketches and images that you can always go back and reference. good idea husband!

Friday, January 22, 2010

i don't know if it's the snowy weather that's keeping me cooped up, but i've been making clips like mad. so, yet again, here are:

more new jellabee jr clips!

i'm actually insanely excited about these clips, i'm pretty sure they're in my top 3 favorite clips i've ever made.

LOVE this one.

love this one, too.
all of these have just been listed in the jellabee jr shop for $4.00 each!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

new spotted owl clips for jellabee jr!








all of these can be found in the jellabee jr shop for $3.50 each!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

please coco don't leave us!

Monday, January 18, 2010

golden globes: my favorite dresses

my # 1 fav: sandra bullock's plum frock. i just loved that shade of purple, it was so different from everyone else's pastels and monochromatic choices. and i loved all the sheer layers and it looked so pretty with her coloring, and i was so glad that she won! she's always been one of my favorite actresses ever since i saw in "while you were sleeping."

# 2 fav: i loved the fit of this dress, it just fit her so well. i've always appreciated how jennifer garner was curvy and athletic rather than bone-skinny. and she always looks so dewey and glowy and she looks so classy in this subtle dress.

# 3 fav: i thought this dress was so cute, and i love the blend of the black and white stripes. she looks like a sassy little mary poppins, especially with that umbrella. and she's always so funny and down-to-earth (case in point, when an interview commented on the rain on the red carpet, tina was all "oh, it's just god crying for nbc." ha.)

# 4 fav: so cute and pink and frothy. i love that it's a mermaid style but not in an exaggerated, flesh-hugging way. sometimes those mermaid dresses can be so unflattering and tight. and who doesn't love emily blunt? and oh my crap, are not she and john kraskinki the cutest couple EVER?

# 5 fav: i always appreciate how chloe sevigny makes interesting fashion choices, like this explosion of periwinkle ruffles. ruffles was definitely a theme at the golden globes last night. and oh my gosh haha, i loved how she started to hyperventilate when that guy stepped on her ginormous train. here she is, all super happy to have just won an award, and then this guy puts a damper on it by ripping her dress. poor gal! but it was so funny how she couldn't get over it.

p.s. YAY! for glee winning best tv comedy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i'm feeling a bit chilly in utah right now...
but these coats sure look warm.

(found here)

(found here)

(found here)

(found here)

Friday, January 15, 2010

sale sale sale

i just added a couple new things to the sale section of the jellabee shop:

hair clip /striped pink and white ribbon rose / was $12, now $10 (found here)

hair clip / salmon pink ribbon rose / was $12, now $10 (found here)

these poppy headbands are also on sale (were $8.50, now $7):


new book series!

well, new to me anyway. i love when i discover a new book that i like, and then find that it has 3 sequels already and you don't have to wait. love that!

the first one below called "the luxe" came out in 2007 and it's very gossip girl in the late 19th century. i swear elizabeth holland is serena vanderwoodsen and penelope hayes is blair waldorf.

it's very pg-13 so you don't have to worry about recommending it to your fact, i read that about the young adult reading section itself in an article the other day. they called it the pg-13 section that mothers and teenage daughters can both read, hence, the twilight explosion.

i just finished the first one last night and can't wait to read the next three. oh, that red dress is gorgeous. i believe this one below is penelope, the coniving one, and the first one above is elizabeth, the "perfect" one.

and i'm not sure yet, but i think this one is diana, elizabeth's younger sister. LOVE these covers.

and the last one, "splendor", came out in october 2009. i'm again not sure yet, but judging from the back cover i think it's carolina broad, a social climber that was a servant in the first book.

anyway, the series has alot of great, interesting characters (although i swear they're just reincarnations of characters from other books i've read) and it's a good, entertaining read.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new jellabee jr hair clips!

a sweet valentine's day clip, or for every day.
i just thought this blue tulip jewel was amazing and had to go on some kind of clip.
the snap clip pairs strike again! i already have some with covered buttons on them, but who doesn't love some jewelies?

i need to make more of these in more colors, STAT.
the instant i saw these frog jewels, i was like BAM lilypad clip! so clever, i know.
a sweet and simple flower. i also need to make more of these in more colors, soon!
and another little elephant to add to the gang, his pictures were hiding in my file for months.
all of these can be found in the jellabee jr shop!

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