Thursday, March 18, 2010

new business cards

i kind of dithered for a long time over getting them printed through a business card place and possibly hiring someone to design little logos or something...but i'm actually really happy with how they turned out, just simple and clean.

i printed them with my little canon printer on the same cardstock as the jellabee jr hairclip mounts, and i clipped the corners with a little scrapbooking tool that makes rounded corners on pictures or whatever. the rounded corners are my favorite part, i've been wanting some business cards with rounded corners for FOREVER. i know, pretty lame thing to want but i love it.

and it really didn't take that long to do them myself, probably 5 minutes to print, flip over and print the back, cut, and clip 10 cards, not too bad. and a whole heckuva lot cheaper than paying $60 for a 100 cards that i'd have to wait 2 weeks to get...yay for new business cards!

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