Sunday, December 20, 2009

she & him second album = hooray!

i was sooo excited when i saw this tweet from zooey deschanel!

i loved their first album...

and i'm so excited for their second one! i love how their voices blend, so pretty.

ugh, they are too cute together.

here's a little clip of one of their songs, "change is hard."

btw, i LOVE craig furgeson..."this is actually a cd, i've just got very tiny hands" ...haha).

p.s. this amazing movie comes out today!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

woot woot, look who's in an article!

one of my husband's friends posted on facebook that she was doing an article on etsy and wanted to interview some etsy sellers. my husband told her that sure, my wife could answer some questions. i felt kinda silly but it was also kinda fun, because i really do believe etsy is awesome and it's the perfect solution to let me stay home with my daughter and craft and make a little money, too.

after a lovely chat with ms. mattson, she sent me a link to where it was published in the hard news cafe, the online newspaper for utah state university, where i also went to school.

now that i'm practically a celebrity, who wants my autograph? :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

cat deeley is my hero.

first off, lemme just say "so you think you can dance" is one of my FAVorite shows. i love the sonya and mia michaels and wade robson routines and how some of the numbers can just take your breath away.

one of my other favorite parts is CAT DEELEY. she's so nice and funny and british and really sweet to all the contestants. you can tell she really cares about the contestants (unlike some tv hosts we know whose name rhymes with brian peecrest). can i just say, i am in LOVE with her wardrobe. she used to be a fashion model and now is what they call a "tv personality" - not really sure why they're a personality when they're just a tv host. maybe it's like the same difference between a secretary and an "office assistant."

ANYWAYS, she wears some of the most fantastic things. being a model has definitely rubbed off on her fashion tastes, i think.

except for this. this was bad. i think it was a tribute to farrah fawcett. but still - BAD.

PLUS, she's dating the actor who plays royce king, the jerkface finance of rosalie in eclipse. so...bonus twilight points there, i guess. ha.

p.s. here's one of my favorite couple dances. so intense and good.

p.p.s. this is my favorite group number EVER. and it's even the 100th episode special version where wade robson dances with them (guy with red gloves that takes a bow near the beginning.) SO GOOD.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

100 sales on jellabee jr!

yee haw! what a good feeling. thanks to all you fantastic buyers!

Monday, December 7, 2009

tv: shy ronnie!

i love the digital shorts on snl and i love andy samburg and i love rhianna for doing this.

here's the newest digital short with rhianna from this last saturday december 5th. love love love.

Friday, December 4, 2009

music: celtic woman

have you heard of them? their voices are so beautiful it blows my mind. they show their specials on pbs and they're always on at like one in the morning and i ALWAYS stay up and watch it til the end. last night was their christmas special and i've seen it before but i still sit there like a yokel with my jaw dropped because they sing like angels.

they're all from ireland, hence the "celtic" women and they just have these pure, soprano voices and when they sing together their harmonies are insanely beautiful and never out of tune. yes, the whole production is slightly cheesey with the costumes and the band and that weird little fiddler girl that jumps around while she plays...but who cares because it's unearthly how they sing.

here's one of my favorites "panis angelicus":

and hold on to your brain hat because their rendition of "over the rainbow" is amazing:

if you want to see more just go to youtube and type in "celtic woman". it's rediculous how much happier i am after listening to some of their songs.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i think i might have a teensy crush on anthony bourdain

if you haven't heard of anthony bourdain, then you must be unlucky enough to not have the travel channel (yes, i realize that was a double negative...doesn't make it untrue).

the travel channel in and of itself is awesomeness, except for this tool:

UGH, i can't STAND andrew zimmerman. yeah, i guess it's amazing that he eats all this crap, and by crap i mean LITERALLY CRAP, but every time i look at him i just think "glutton." and his voice is annoying. but i'm sure he's a very nice man.

anyways, back to mr. bourdain. i think he's funny! yeah, he's older and is definitely hanging on to his ramones t-shirt loving glory days but i think he has a real appreciation for just good food, not weird food or bugs as food, but exotic, new, interesting, different good food.

it's so funny how he uses the EXACT same cadences when he does his overvoicing, or whatever you call it. it's like he's reciting poetry and is talking in rhythmic sentences or something. and i like going "NOoooo rez-er-vay-shunnnnns" with him at the beginning of the show.

and forgive me, but i may or may not think he's slightly attractive. kind of like in a george clooney meets jack sparrow sort of way. (i love you husband).

plus, i read somewhere that he's going to be on yo gabba gabba...what will happen when 2 worlds of awesomeness collide? i guess i'll have to wait to find out.

(this pic was posted on the yo gabba gabba blog in september - funny blog to read if you're a fan of the show.)

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