Friday, January 15, 2010

new book series!

well, new to me anyway. i love when i discover a new book that i like, and then find that it has 3 sequels already and you don't have to wait. love that!

the first one below called "the luxe" came out in 2007 and it's very gossip girl in the late 19th century. i swear elizabeth holland is serena vanderwoodsen and penelope hayes is blair waldorf.

it's very pg-13 so you don't have to worry about recommending it to your fact, i read that about the young adult reading section itself in an article the other day. they called it the pg-13 section that mothers and teenage daughters can both read, hence, the twilight explosion.

i just finished the first one last night and can't wait to read the next three. oh, that red dress is gorgeous. i believe this one below is penelope, the coniving one, and the first one above is elizabeth, the "perfect" one.

and i'm not sure yet, but i think this one is diana, elizabeth's younger sister. LOVE these covers.

and the last one, "splendor", came out in october 2009. i'm again not sure yet, but judging from the back cover i think it's carolina broad, a social climber that was a servant in the first book.

anyway, the series has alot of great, interesting characters (although i swear they're just reincarnations of characters from other books i've read) and it's a good, entertaining read.

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