Friday, January 29, 2010

i've been itching to sew some dresses for my 16-month old...but i've never sewn any kind of clothing before. i've only sewn good ol' 90 degree corners for a quilt or a burp cloth or something.

these are pretty cute, i actually have that hippo fabric from ikea on the left. go here for the pattern.

this is pretty awesome, whatever kind of dress i make i'm definitely doing some kind of applique.
i think i might start with a pillowcase dress. i hear they're pretty easy. and they're sleeve-less...i'm scared of sewing sleeves.

this pillowcase dress is DARLING. love that tree. shouldn't be too hard, right? here's a tutorial i found that i think i might try.

wish me luck! if you're lucky i might share some pictures.

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  1. i've always thought that would be fun. let me know how it goes!