Monday, January 18, 2010

golden globes: my favorite dresses

my # 1 fav: sandra bullock's plum frock. i just loved that shade of purple, it was so different from everyone else's pastels and monochromatic choices. and i loved all the sheer layers and it looked so pretty with her coloring, and i was so glad that she won! she's always been one of my favorite actresses ever since i saw in "while you were sleeping."

# 2 fav: i loved the fit of this dress, it just fit her so well. i've always appreciated how jennifer garner was curvy and athletic rather than bone-skinny. and she always looks so dewey and glowy and she looks so classy in this subtle dress.

# 3 fav: i thought this dress was so cute, and i love the blend of the black and white stripes. she looks like a sassy little mary poppins, especially with that umbrella. and she's always so funny and down-to-earth (case in point, when an interview commented on the rain on the red carpet, tina was all "oh, it's just god crying for nbc." ha.)

# 4 fav: so cute and pink and frothy. i love that it's a mermaid style but not in an exaggerated, flesh-hugging way. sometimes those mermaid dresses can be so unflattering and tight. and who doesn't love emily blunt? and oh my crap, are not she and john kraskinki the cutest couple EVER?

# 5 fav: i always appreciate how chloe sevigny makes interesting fashion choices, like this explosion of periwinkle ruffles. ruffles was definitely a theme at the golden globes last night. and oh my gosh haha, i loved how she started to hyperventilate when that guy stepped on her ginormous train. here she is, all super happy to have just won an award, and then this guy puts a damper on it by ripping her dress. poor gal! but it was so funny how she couldn't get over it.

p.s. YAY! for glee winning best tv comedy!

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  1. Yeah, I totally loved Sandra Bullock's dress too. I liked the way Tina Fey's dress fit, and I liked the bustier part, but thought the skirt was a little weird. She actually got put on the worst-dressed list, and so did Chloe Sevigny.