Monday, January 4, 2010

expedit bookcase!

our last apartment we just moved from had a built-in bookcase and it was awesome. this new apartment, sadly, does not but i'm very excited to buy this expedit bookcase from ikea this weekend.
i've wanted one for forever, i just love how open and bright and symmetrical it is. we definitely need a place for our books, little picture frames, knick knacks and scrapbooks. and our new apartment is a bit bigger and has a perfect sized wall for it.

although i think it might have to be dusted alot...oh well! i don't care, i'm excited!


  1. Love it! If we didn't already have book shelves, I'd be all over this. Its so pretty.

  2. Dude, what are the odds?! I have lusted after this very same bookcase (in white, no less) for over a year. I want to put it in Max's "big boy" room whenever we have another baby. It's like our minds are connected on some basic, genetic level or something.