Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i think i might have a teensy crush on anthony bourdain

if you haven't heard of anthony bourdain, then you must be unlucky enough to not have the travel channel (yes, i realize that was a double negative...doesn't make it untrue).

the travel channel in and of itself is awesomeness, except for this tool:

UGH, i can't STAND andrew zimmerman. yeah, i guess it's amazing that he eats all this crap, and by crap i mean LITERALLY CRAP, but every time i look at him i just think "glutton." and his voice is annoying. but i'm sure he's a very nice man.

anyways, back to mr. bourdain. i think he's funny! yeah, he's older and is definitely hanging on to his ramones t-shirt loving glory days but i think he has a real appreciation for just good food, not weird food or bugs as food, but exotic, new, interesting, different good food.

it's so funny how he uses the EXACT same cadences when he does his overvoicing, or whatever you call it. it's like he's reciting poetry and is talking in rhythmic sentences or something. and i like going "NOoooo rez-er-vay-shunnnnns" with him at the beginning of the show.

and forgive me, but i may or may not think he's slightly attractive. kind of like in a george clooney meets jack sparrow sort of way. (i love you husband).

plus, i read somewhere that he's going to be on yo gabba gabba...what will happen when 2 worlds of awesomeness collide? i guess i'll have to wait to find out.

(this pic was posted on the yo gabba gabba blog in september - funny blog to read if you're a fan of the show.)

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  1. We are opposites. I love Andrew Zimmern (I just noticed a month ago that it's Zimmern and not Zimmerman. Weird), and can't stand Bourdain. Comes off way too arrogant and self important.