Monday, November 30, 2009

pocket mirrors!

the blessed day has arrived. i got my pocket mirror machine + mirror parts in the mail and i am in LOVE. the possibilities are endless. one of my favorite ideas is buying thrifted children's books and cutting out cute paper clippings.

and yes, i did feel a tad wrong about cutting up a book...but i figure it's re-purposing and they're getting a new life...right? right. :)

here are some of my favorite mirrors with the book clippings:

Possum in a Tree

Three Plums

Scolding Mom (ha i love this one)

Four Owlets

Happy Racoon (i think this one's my favorite).

there's some with stamps and scraps of fabric, too - but i just love the ones with book clippings - each one is so unique!

and of course i had to have a cute little bag + tag to package them in. gotta protect those mirrors!

it's rediculous how much i love my new pocket mirrors and those little muslin bags.

all of these mirrors and more can be found in the jellabee shop!

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