Thursday, December 10, 2009

cat deeley is my hero.

first off, lemme just say "so you think you can dance" is one of my FAVorite shows. i love the sonya and mia michaels and wade robson routines and how some of the numbers can just take your breath away.

one of my other favorite parts is CAT DEELEY. she's so nice and funny and british and really sweet to all the contestants. you can tell she really cares about the contestants (unlike some tv hosts we know whose name rhymes with brian peecrest). can i just say, i am in LOVE with her wardrobe. she used to be a fashion model and now is what they call a "tv personality" - not really sure why they're a personality when they're just a tv host. maybe it's like the same difference between a secretary and an "office assistant."

ANYWAYS, she wears some of the most fantastic things. being a model has definitely rubbed off on her fashion tastes, i think.

except for this. this was bad. i think it was a tribute to farrah fawcett. but still - BAD.

PLUS, she's dating the actor who plays royce king, the jerkface finance of rosalie in eclipse. so...bonus twilight points there, i guess. ha.

p.s. here's one of my favorite couple dances. so intense and good.

p.p.s. this is my favorite group number EVER. and it's even the 100th episode special version where wade robson dances with them (guy with red gloves that takes a bow near the beginning.) SO GOOD.

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