Friday, December 4, 2009

music: celtic woman

have you heard of them? their voices are so beautiful it blows my mind. they show their specials on pbs and they're always on at like one in the morning and i ALWAYS stay up and watch it til the end. last night was their christmas special and i've seen it before but i still sit there like a yokel with my jaw dropped because they sing like angels.

they're all from ireland, hence the "celtic" women and they just have these pure, soprano voices and when they sing together their harmonies are insanely beautiful and never out of tune. yes, the whole production is slightly cheesey with the costumes and the band and that weird little fiddler girl that jumps around while she plays...but who cares because it's unearthly how they sing.

here's one of my favorites "panis angelicus":

and hold on to your brain hat because their rendition of "over the rainbow" is amazing:

if you want to see more just go to youtube and type in "celtic woman". it's rediculous how much happier i am after listening to some of their songs.

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  1. Ringlet girl on the left is new. I love this group! I even love the violin forest nymph!