Friday, November 6, 2009

new holiday clippies!

you probably noticed them to the right already in the jellabee jr shop, but here's bigger pics of my new holiday felt clips. i had a good time making these. at first it felt like i had to because i had made halloween clips and with kiddie hair clips you kinda have to do holiday-themed ones...but i actually ended up really liking how these turned out.

i thought this candy cane was gonna be hard for some reason but it turned out to be one of the easier ones.
a couple of presents.

i like this one better.

holly berries! it took me forever to figure out where to put the leaves and then they ended up fitting snuggly in the gaps between the berries.

a very serious no-smile gingerbread man. i had to google this one, print it out, and then trace it onto the brown felt - all the ones i tried to sketch looked pretty weird and disproportionate. i love his bowtie!

poinsettia! simple - i love it.

white...poinsettia? i wanted to make another color version of the poinsettia so i just called this "snow flower" to make it holiday-ish. you're astounded by my cleverness, i know.

i love LOVE the "quilting" on the red part of this stocking.

and oh man, this snowman makes me happy. i think his smile looks perfect.

and last but not least, my favorite holiday clippies. i know - they aren't even any cool shape or anything but just love they're obviously christmas clips but that they're so simple at the same time.
*all the prices and more details are listed in the shop. just click on any of the pictures or the blue "jellabee jr" link to the upper right.

H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S !

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  1. Your cleverness always astounds me! Love ya!