Thursday, November 12, 2009

crafty coupons

who doesn't love saving money?! in this down economy...haha just kidding, i hate that phrase.

if you're a crafter you're probably already aware of where to get these coupons but i certainly appreciate them, so i'd thought i'd share.


go HERE to sign up for their emails AND mailing list where you'll get at least one coupon a week through your email or regular mail (look for the email sign up box). more often than not, they'll send out multiple coupons. AND you can use both the regular mail and email coupons TOGETHER at the store. awesome.

joanne's definitely has the best deals on fabric and that store is crazy with discounts. and it's nice to know that there is always at least one coupon available anytime you want to go. and of course, with email you can just print out as many as you want and maybe take your husband with you and make him wait 5 people behind you in the check-out line with half of your purchases so it looks like you're not together so you can get more discounts...some may say this is dishonest, but i say it's thrifty. my husband says it's embarrasing, but he does appreciate the money saved. so there.

hobby lobby

hobby lobby is a bit more stingy with their coupons. you get one a week via email but half the time it's a very specific coupon for like 40% off spray paint or something like that. every other week you get a normal 40% off any item in the store coupon. go HERE to sign up for their one weekly coupon or go HERE to just print it off their website. and i've never seen a regular mail mailing list for hobby lobby, i don't think they have one.

i like hobby lobby for their clearance section and scrapbooking paper. their decor stuff is pretty annoying because they stack it really precariously in the middle of the aisle and i feel like i'm going to go knock over some glass rooster or something(and it smells like potpourri) but they put wire ribbon, fabric remnants and paper stacks on sale alot.


i don't believe there's a regular mail mailing list for michael's either, but every time i get a stack of grocery store coupons in the mail there always seems to be a michael's 40% off coupon tucked in there. (why do they all have 40% off coupons? is that like a craft store rule?) so next time, don't automatically throw all that waste of paper away! go HERE to sign up for weekly email coupons from michael's. it won't always be a 40% off coupon each week, sometimes they're only 20% off, but at least they have multiples coupons sometimes. (cough cough hobby lobby).

the dollar bins at michael's rock. i get my best stamps and ribbon there so hunt for the dollar section next time you're there. and you get an additional coupon on your receipt after you make a purchase. then you can come back again and make another purchase and recieve yet another coupon. it's a vicious cycle.

anyways, those are my crafty coupon secrets. happy money saving!


  1. Mel-
    Joannes and Michaels will honor other stores coupons as well. I don't know about Hobby Lobby. I just always go to Roberts crafts and print of a coupon because they always have one available.

  2. hahahaha When I was crafting I often brought you and derek and brian to Micheal's, each with a coupon. I don't think it's dishonest. It says one coupon per customer and I know that Derek really wanted to buy that silky soft pink yarn!!!