Thursday, June 3, 2010

*new* spiral rosette bunch clips

these are similar to other clips i've done, but i love the texture of the felt spirals and i've never done these color combos before. i'm in love with the very first one i listed, that pale pink, gold and teal are right up my alley.

i posted these in the jellabee jr shop yesterday afternoon...and then put both shops on vacation until june 12th. i've been getting a hefty stack of jellabee jr orders and i wanted some time to finish them and then prepare for the opening of the salt lake farmer's market on june 12th. most everything is ready to go, i just need some time to get it all organized so that i'm not rushing around at the last minute. click on the image on the right if you want more details about the market. i'm so excited for it!! :)

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