Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tutorial tuesday: hand-stamped muslin bags

well, this isn't really a tutorial because it's so simple. it's more of an idea that i've been seeing everywhere.

step 1: buy some cute little muslin bags. most craft stores should carry them. i buy mine online in bulk here. (i use them to package the pocket mirrors in the jellabee shop).

step 2: slip a piece of cardstock inside the bag, like a little cardstock sandwich. this will prevent the ink from bleeding through to the back side. (regular paper is too thin.)

step 3: stamp any old thing you want on the bag. (be sure to let dry overnight before you stuff the bag, just to be sure.)

here's some examples:

a lavender sachet.
valentine's gifts.

an amazing wedding favor.
i love this super easy cute way to personalize any gift bag!

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