Saturday, February 27, 2010

rented "the september issue" last night...and it was kind of fascinating!

it's a documentary about how vogue constructs its most important issue of the year, the september issue. i think it was meant to revolve around anna wintour, the editor in cheif of vogue:

but grace coddington, the creative director of vogue, really stole the show:

she constructs all the stories behind the gorgeous photoshoots...they show a photoshoot where they're shooting models in fabulous, intricate dresses in the actual versailles palace! i wish there was a documentary on just the beautiful photoshoots that grace puts together.

she actually used to be a model:

and then worked for years at british vogue as a junior editor before coming to american vogue as the creative director.

and she's so funny the whole time, totally making fun of anna wintour behind her back (they've worked together for 20 years) and you just feel for her because she'll construct a gorgeous photoshoot that cost $50,000 and anna will come along and just scrap all the pictures because she doesn't want it anymore. how exasperating!

and you see a bit of anna's daughter, who is really beautiful, and who says that fashion is a weird world and that she wants to be a lawyer. ha!

the strangest of all, is that it really feels like "the devil wears prada" movie wasn't far off the mark at all. anna is pretty cold and distant to her employees and it shows clips where she meets with fashion designers (yves saint laurent, to name one) and they just shake in their boots around her! they'll have a model come out in a dress to show her but it won't be finished yet or something and she'll be silent and roll her eyes and the fashion designer starts to stutter and promise it'll be ready soon and it's kind of sad to watch. you just feel bad for them! for pete's sake, they're artists not factories.

anyways, it was pretty entertaining and i would say rent it! :)

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