Wednesday, February 17, 2010

another book i love by sharon shinn:

summers at castle auburn.

i posted about her samaria series which i love to death, but if you're feeling overwhelmed by a 5-book series, summers at castle auburn is a fantastic stand alone book.

here's a synopsis i like from Booklist:

As the illegitimate daughter of a royal lord, young Corie has the best of two worlds. She spends idyllic summers at Castle Auburn, home of her father's family, and the rest of the year with her maternal grandmother, learning the healer's craft. At the castle, Corie is groomed by her uncle for an eventual political alliance through marriage, though she is too dazzled by her handsome cousin Bryan, heir to the throne, to notice. As the summers pass, however, Bryan shows his true colors. The brash, arrogant youth matures into a cruel and self-centered man; a man unfit to be king, some say. At the same time, Corie's eyes open to the misery of the magical aliora, whom she loves, but who are hunted for sport and enslaved by the nobility. Thus, at 17, amid a hotbed of family and political unrest, Corie comes of age, risking all that she loves for what she believes in her heart to be right. Her choices, and the woman she becomes, will change Castle Auburn forever.

i love this book because you instantly lose yourself in this little world that sharon shinn has created, and you either know or identify easily with the characters she writes.

i really wish she would write some sequels to this book, but the only other thing she's written in the auburn world is a short story. it's published in a book called quatrain that features 4 short stories from 4 of her more popular novels (including another samaria angel story! yes!). if you're a fan of her stuff already, than this book is just more of the same stories you already like.

like i said before, yes, she writes mostly fantasy novels, but her characters is what she focuses on...the fantasy stuff just enhances her already fantastic story and the interaction of her it! :)

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