Tuesday, October 27, 2009

one pretty thing giveaway

last month i did a giveaway on one pretty thing in order to get some more traffic in my etsy shops. the winner got a $35 credit to spend between either of the shops if they left a comment at the bottom of the post saying what was their favorite item from either of the shops. it was my first giveaway and pretty exciting! it was fun to read everyone's comments - kinda like an informal survey to see what people liked most (hands down, the owl clips, like this one, from jellabee jr and the rose headbands, like this one, from jellabee).

the winner was another utahan like myself and she selected the following:
Felt Clip / Spiral Rosette (1 pink and 1 white)
Puffy Snap Clip / Pink Pearl Flowers
Puffy Snap Clip / Beige Chickadee
Headband / Hand-Embroidered and Beaded Oval

she was way nice and she even emailed me pictures of her CUTE little girl modeling the white spiral rosette clip! how sweet is that?

those pictures just make me smile.

i had a really good first experience with this giveaway and i'm planning on doing another giveaway on make and love it mid-november. i'm definitely looking forward to this giveaway because it's right in the middle of the holiday shopping season - a good time to increase traffic in the shops. crossing my fingers!

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  1. oh, super cute! i should email you some pictures of wendy wearing her jellabee jr hairclips. i always get so many compliments! i love those felt spiral roses and all the burp cloths!!!