Wednesday, October 28, 2009

H.O.P.E. festival...success!

today i did the H.O.P.E. festival on the utah state campus and it was a pretty successful day. i made some good moola and it felt good to contribute some money to a good cause.

BUT - i was in the crappiest spot in the entire room. it was indoors (because we would have froze to death outdoors) in a large lounge that was off of the main hallway in the student center. i was stuck in the very back corner 5 feet from the "band." and i say "band" because it was a trio of wannabe bob dylan/modest mouse growling singer/guitar players. they had an AMP for an INDOOR venue and they played 4 out of the 7 hours of the festival. they were AWFUL, like possibly the worst live musicians that i've ever heard. i had to practically yell to the customers who came to my table, or repeat 3 times what i said and it was so frustrating. i did go over once and ask them, in the nicest way possible, if they wouldn't mind turning it down because i can't hear anyone and they said "ok" but when you're yelling stupidly into a microphone, loud is loud, amp or no amp. but it was the first year doing the festival so maybe next year the H.O.P.E. committee people will just have soft background music, or hey here's a bright idea, maybe none at all.

i guess i'm focusing on this alot but i was all excited to do this little festival and i worked really hard to get ready and it turns out it wasn't first come first serve for table locations (i was the second person there and got stuck in my assigned table at the very back corner) and after all that i could hardly hear the customers for 4 out of the 7 hours. gimme a break!

oh geez, listen to me, the woes of being a craft vendor. ha.

but i did make a new little paper triangle banner to decorate my table and i luuuved it! i don't have a picture of it on my table (in the chaos of scrambling around getting everything ready, i forgot my camera - boo!) but i did take a picture of it today hanging on my doorknob:

i just printed out a triangle on a piece of cardstock and then used that to trace 20 or so triangles onto some scrapbook paper. then i hot glued a string of jute onto the backs of the triangles and voila! 20 minutes later, done. this was a kind of a temporary banner though because we were indoors with no wind. i definitely want to make a triangle banner using my fabric scraps for all of the outdoor fairs/markets i plan to do next year. i know these triangle banners are EVERYWHERE but i still love them and think they add a perfect subtle, interesting touch of texture to your wall or booth.

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