Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sad news, friends.

this lil' blog has come to an end.
(i know that the 4 of you that read it are "way" disappointed.)

there are others who do the "things i like" blog way better than me, and i'll just leave it to them. it's been fun but it's also been a bit of a chore to do daily Mon-Fri blog posts. but thanks for reading and here's to more free time!

on the other hand, i've had a jellabee facebook page for a few months but haven't really done much with it. from here on out i will post the following: 1) new products 2) giveaways 3) sales.

that's it! just a quick, easy way to stay updated on things concerning the shop. feel free to "like" the shop and receive updates!


  1. i am one of the 4, too bad your quitting but coming from a former side blog quitter- its sooooo nice

  2. What! I love this blog. Laaaaammmmmmmeeeee.

  3. I love this blog, too!! maybe just do it a couple of times a week.

  4. aw man! i love this blog too. i guess i'll just have to be friends with jellabee on facebook. it won't be the same but it will do.