Wednesday, September 29, 2010

featured! (twice!)

can you spot it? it's my white and silver twirly skirt on the 3rd row.
see the above treasury here. thanks demetgun3!

can you spot it?'s my felt scary ghost clip on the second row.
see the above treasury here. thanks madeline's wardrobe!

btw, confused as to what an etsy treasury may be?
anyone who has an account, buyer or seller, can create one.
it's a collection of etsy products based on a theme of your choosing (like white or BOO! from the ones above).
go here to create one.
if it gets selected to be on etsy's home page,
your product could get tons of exposure.
and the creator of the treasury may gets lots of exposure as well
because it has a link to whoever created it.
that's why a lot of sellers do it.
i've never done one, but i want to.
there's no guarantee that it will make it to the front page.
but it's still fun.
and i'm always grateful when someone features one of my items.

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